Cluastuiscint - Tips for Leaving and Junior Certificate


1. As soon as you get the paper, waste no time in opening it and doing a preliminary scan of all sections. This will allow you to digest the structure, and therefore take the extra variable out of the equation.

2. After the first buzz, highlight the key words in each question of that section and write the English above each of these key words.

3. Focus on the significant words!

a. The ‘Question word’

b. Key nouns

c. Important verbs

4. Anticipate answers from the questions! Common sense goes a long way when it comes to the Cluastuiscint.

eg. if it asking for an event going on in a school- we can anticipate perhaps a sports day, green flag day, competition of sorts? etc.

5. Listen to TG4 a couple of weeks before the exam until the exam itself. TG4 can be used in order for us to isolate nouns and key information that we understand. People mistakenly try to use TG4 as a vocabulary builder!

6. When the recording starts, ensure to only write down key information even if you hear the whole answer- you can easily miss the next question due to the speed that people on the tape speak at.

7. You have a lot of time to fill in the rest of the answer after the recording- so use that time instead. The time during the tape is to be used to clarify answers in your head.

8. If you have extra time after the recording, begin anticipating answers for the next section!


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