Language learning in your spare time!

Have you ever felt a spur of productivity, with very few ideas as to how to use this valuable energy? Do you ever wonder if your student is losing out by not keeping up the cúpla focail Gaeilge during the Summer (or school cancellation periods)? Well here are a few tips to help dust the cobwebs off when it comes to putting that effort into learning Irish in your own time!

1. Vocabulary, Vocabulary Vocabulary!- 'Make a list and check it twice' is a great tip as to how to remember the words on the page. Put together a word document with a contents page outlining the topics that you want to learn. There are so many resources online to put these lists together, and failing that, specific vocabulary books are available to buy!

2. Grammar- Similar to the vocabulary, create a document with subtopics of grammar. Breaking down the tenses, prepositions and adjective types will go a long way in helping you to tackle the daunting elements of grammar in Irish. Also, practice makes perfect, so make a conscious effort to use them in your essays/ stories

3. Exam Formats- Know your exam format. If you feel like your Irish is up to scratch, the next thing to do is to get focused for the Junior Cert, Leaving Cert, Fáinne, or whatever course that you are taking.

4. Look, Listen, Learn- TG4, RnGaeltachta, Radió Rí Rá, and even Spin1038 offer plenty of opportunities to get some light learning in while you relax or get up to other things!

5. Have Fun!- Its Summer! Don't take your learning too seriously. This is the time to relax before important exam periods. Try not to get overwhelmed, and take baby steps in becoming a Gaeilgeoir!

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