Léamhtuiscint tips

*You do not have to understand all of the reading comp to get the answers. The last 2/3 questions require an overall comprehension of the text

1. Figure out vaguely the amount of time to be spent on each question, and try to stick to it.

2. Read each question one by one. Use the paragraph references if available.

a. Write English above words you recognise

b. Highlight key words of the question

3. When looking in the paragraph, always try to identify the highlighted words from the question.

4. If you cannot understand a question, skip it and come back.

a. With a better overall understanding of the passage, you will begin to form an educated guess on the question.

b. You can go through the paragraph that the answer lies in, line by line with the extra time after you have completed the other questions.

5. Overall comprehension questions- Generally these will be weighted higher marks

a. Implement a PEQ system for the answer

b. As the questions can be easier to understand than the passage, always try to get a better understanding of the passage through them as well.

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