Frequently asked questions

Can I change to another video call if I cannot attend a class on a certain day?

We will do our very best! The one-to-one grind timetable is flexible. We understand that sport and extracurricular activities are vital to the students' well-being. However, we would like to encourage a fixed time each week to avoid confusion surrounding class times

What is Cinnire Cian's experience as a tutor in the Irish language?

Cian is an academically achieved student in the Irish language. He has been recognised as an Entrance Scholar at UCD and has several 2nd and 3rd level education awards. He has used these academic skills to teach secondary students this year as a tutor. On top of academic ability, he has attended several summer courses and worked as a Cinire, and was due to take a position as Ard- Cinnire this year. He is currently placed as a Mentor in Spleodar Clubs, Rathmines For more information, click the 'ABOUT' tab for his Resumé.

How does Cinnire Cian put together the course pack notes?

Over the years, Cian has condensed the course material of both the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Irish exams. Combining these sources with summer course classes, has allowed him to arrange the notes so as to provide a concise course pack for his students.

What is your refund policy?

Once a class has taken place, we cannot refund that class. If a student continuously misses a class time slot, we may have to give this time to another student who would like this time.

What is the payment process and what happens after I have paid

We can accept Revolut, Paypal, or bank transfer. Otherwise, we will send on an invoice on a weekly basis.

What do I need to bring to each class?

  • Please ensure that you have a Zoom account so that you can join the class
  • We will send a class plan pack.
  • Ensure that you have a decent internet connection for the class
  • The course pack will be shared on the screen in the live stream, it would be good to have a physical copy of the notes, but the digital copy sent to the student's email will be equally good!
  • Bring a pen and paper for exercises and note- taking!